Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean and the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean.
Capital: Nicosia
Currency: Euro
Minority languages: Armenian; Cypriot Arabic
Points of interest: Petra tou Romiou, Nissi Beach, Cape Greco, MORE
Official languages: Turkish, Greek

Universities in North Cyprus

Cyprus International University -

Tuition fee for Undergraduate Programs :- 3,099 Euro per year.
​Tuition fee for ​Pharmacy is 4,099 Euro per year.

Tuition fee for Graduate Programs :- 350 Euro per course. ​
Tuition fee for PhD Programs:-​ 650 Euro per course.

Accommodation fees ranges between 750 Euro - 2,216 Euro per session depending on size and number of occupants.

Application / Admission processing fee :- ₦80,000.​​​​​

Sibling scholarship of 25% applies if they applied at the same time to CIU.​

Fab Educational Services' agent code is 1053 - If you apply directly through the university's website, kindly input the code (1053) and notify us about your application.​​​

 - Girne American University​​​​ (GAU)

For Studies in Cyprus - Girne American University, Cyprus

Foundation English Programme :- 2,500 Euro​
Undergraduate Degrees: - 2,750 Euro, Law: - 3,000 Euro
Master Degree Programmes :- 3,250 Euro (Whole programme)
PhD Programmes :- 4,000 Euro per session.

Accommodation Fee :- Ranges between 1,650 - 3,100 Euro + 5% VAT to all fees.

Application / Admission processing fee :- ₦80,000.

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

Tuition fee - Full tuition, 25% scholarship, 50% scholarship​​​

Application and admission processing fee is 80,000 Naira.​​

- Near East University (NEU)​​

Universities in South Cyprus

- University of Nicosia​​

 Application / Admission processing fee :- ₦80,000.​​

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