Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. Including more than 1,500 islands, its diverse terrain spans rocky beaches, old-growth forest and many lakes. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, it's dotted with castles, churches and hilltop fortresses. The capital, Tallinn, is known for its preserved Old Town, museums and the 314m-high Tallinn TV Tower, which has an observation deck.
Capital: Tallinn
Currency: Euro
Population: 1.316 million (2016) World Bank
Points of interest: Vanalinn, Lahemaa National Park, Toompea, MORE
Official language: Estonian

Universities in Estonia

Public multidisciplinary universities

The University of Tartu is the oldest and most prestigious university in the country.
University of Tartu (Tartu Ülikool)
Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool)
Tallinn University (Tallinna Ülikool)

Public specialized universities
Estonian Academy of Arts (Eesti Kunstiakadeemia)
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia)
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (Sisekaitseakadeemia)
Estonian Aviation Academy (Eesti Lennuakadeemia)
Estonian University of Life Sciences (Eesti Maaülikool)
Estonian Maritime Academy (Eesti Mereakadeemia)
Estonian National Defence College (KVÜÕA Kõrgem Sõjakool)
Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool)
Tartu Art College (Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool)

Private institutions
Estonian Business School
Estonian Information Technology College (Eesti Infotehnoloogia Kolledž)
Estonian School of Diplomacy (Eesti Diplomaatide Kool)
Euroacademy (Euroakadeemia)
Institute of Theology (Usuteaduse Instituut)
Mainor Business School (Mainori Kõrgkool)
Private School of Professional Psychology (Professionaalse Psühholoogia Erakool)
Tartu Academy of Theology (Tartu Teoloogia Akadeemia)​

Some departments are tuition free, while others have tuition fee ranges from 3,000 euro to 4,000 euro.

Application and admission processing fee is 120,000 Naira